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Animal Ark

While nothing can compare to the comforts of home, Animal Ark strives to provide an enriching environment for our shelter animals. Cats are housed in rooms built specifically for small sociable groups of cats. These “condos” feature exterior windows and multiple cat trees and perches to provide a warm, comfortable environment for our feline friends, helping to bring out the best aspects of their personalities. Each dog is provided with a spacious kennel as their own individual space, equipped with a raised cot, blankets, chew toys, and plenty of treats. During the day, our spacious outdoor play yards are utilized, providing a chance for playtime with other dogs and our shelter staff. In the heat of the summer, the dogs have a chance to splash and play in kiddie pools in the outdoor yards, providing entertainment (both for the dogs and the humans that get to observe their hilarious antics) as well as cool relief in the heat of Minnesota summers.

With Animal Ark’s staff providing basic medical care and keeping of our shelter animals, a dedicated group of volunteers provides the next level of care, making the rehabilitation of these wonderful animals possible. Our volunteers provide needed socialization for the companion animals living at the shelter, focusing on the needs of the individual animal based on his or her personality.

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